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Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Hi guys this is Ali Nathani ,I will let you know shopping malls in Yavatmal city.Yes there is a small multiplex mall situated in wadgoan road ,Babulgaon Highway road ,Yavatmal 445001.This mall is specially known for its theatres.As you all know Yavatmal city consists of just 2 theatres i.e. Saroj and Apsara talkies but mall consists of 4 screens (including 3d).And known for its class and comfort.The mall has 4 floors. As 1st floor is specially for kids i.e. Kids playing zone,2nd floor is a food court with some franchises like Smoking Joes,Brewers coffee and food. 3rd floor is underconstruction .And the 4th floor is 4 screen theatre with 100 person capacity in each screen. Tickets can be booked online by . The mall is situated very far from the city almost 7 km.
we are first to upload any information about this as we take care for you. The following pictures are given to you for just watching purpose and can help you in searching the directions.The photos are subject to copyright.And we have all rights reserved .
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